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Diane L. Rotnem PhD, LCSW

As a licensed clinical social worker with over 40 years of experience, Diane L. Rotnem PhD, LCSW is highly qualified to handle any mental health concerns you may have.

In addition to individual therapy, Dr. Rotnem also works with couples to help resolve conflict and promote a happier and healthier relationship. Dr. Rotnem works with people of all ages- from children 0-18, to adults, couples, families and seniors. With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Rotnem is a highly respected and established clinical social worker.

Children, Adults and Adolescents

Whatever your personal struggles, professional counseling services can help.

Children, Adults and Adolescents Counseling

Couples Therapy

Get assistance with conflict resolution and communication issues.

Couples Therapy

Child Development Consultations

Help your child live a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.

Child Development Consultations

Diane L. Rotnem PhD, LCSW offers a wide range of mental health services.

Individual Psychotherapy

Children, Adolescents, Adults

Family Therapy

Couples Counseling

Child Development Consultation