Counseling Services

Helping Clients Through Life's Struggles

Helping Clients Through Life's Struggles

Almost everyone can benefit from professional counseling services

Diane L. Rotnem PhD, LCSW specializes in both individual therapy and marriage counseling. She can also assist your family with child developmental plans, enabling easier interaction with peers and a desire to be involved with the rest. Working with all age groups allows her to broaden her knowledge base and better serve each client.

Everyone is different, so counseling services look different for everyone. Call today to discuss your needs with a compassionate, board-certified social worker.

Learn more about how therapy can benefit you

As we navigate our ever-changing lives, it is sometimes helpful to get input from a trained mental health professional. Diane L. Rotnem PhD, LCSW can:

  • Create child development plans
  • Enable easier interactions with peers
  • Promote social skills
  • Assist you in finding greater ease and satisfaction in your relationship
  • Identify and address your particular mental health needs

Of course, the best way to find out what Dr. Rotnem iane can do for you is to visit her yourself. Schedule an appointment today to start improving your life.